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We draw, paint, design, print (and skydive, amongst many other things...) Want to know more about our other labels or our graphic design and screen printing services, then click here. For our skydiving range, read on...

Why are we here?

Because we love skydiving and we we also love working with the combination of graphic design in print, the web and clothing. 

George Creecy, founder of Cutaway Wear is still jumping 35+ years after his first static line jump. He's made in excess of 8,000 jumps, including competition at World Meets, Chief instructor, Tandem Master, Instructor Examiner and boogie load organiser... 

In recent years, he took a break from skydiving to travel, try some different sports (mainly skiing) and work as a graphic designer.

For many years we've watched you live and breathe skydiving on the weekends, training camps and boogies, but you wore clothing made by 'surf' companies. Go figure?  So here we are - just hang in there with us whilst we increase the range and variety of styles on offer. As far as your old surf shirts go, you can recycle them, send them to an exchange for third world country clothing, cut them up for rags, and if they are old favourites, just use them when you are doing the oil change on the car...

What do we know about skydiving?

We started jumping back in 1975 using ex-military gear and round parachutes. We've all been to many, many Nationals, World Meets, Overseas Boogies, and Big Ways with hundreds of other skydivers. We've instructed in Tandems, AFF and even Static line. We've been headdown, headup, skysurfed, CReW'd, BASE jumped and landed more than a few round reserves! And of course, we've Cutaway from bag locks, totals, streamers, spinning mals and CReW wraps... Yes,  with the improved reliability of canopies nowadays, cutaways are becoming a rare event, but they're a pretty special event in your sport history - as exciting as and as committing as your first jump.

Our print shop and factory

Everything is printed by hand in our factory at Byron Bay, Australia. We are fortunate to share the building with the famous Bean Crackers Coffee Roasters and their Arts+Industry Cafe. Byron Bay is such a laid back city that we all need a double shot of caffeine to get going in the morning. If we feel the need for a 14,000' skydive we just drive 5km up the road to Byron Bay Skydivers - maybe we'll see you there some day.

Our environmental committment

We use high quality t-shirts produced under non-sweat shop conditions and keep monitoring our manufacturers' information to check what they're up to. Many of our tees are printed using Australian made organic water-based inks on organic cotton and we are working hard to expand this line. Much of our clean up process uses environmentally friendly products containing natural soy and citrus. One of our manufacturing goals is to produce 100% clean biodegradable waste. Our electricity comes from renewable sources. We even ride our bikes to work (when it's not raining). Sounds good on paper, but we're a long way from perfect. However, everyday we look at new ways to minimise waste and lower our impact on environmental damage.

Our art and design

Apart from skydiving, our passion is graphics and design. We are now applying it to our skydiving brand.

We need your help and feedback to make it better. Please email to tell us if:

1. If we're doing something right

2. Doing it all wrong

3.  You have some suggestions or ideas

4. You just want to say hello

We'll also have some new designs from the drawing board that we will print regualrly and for some of them, we'll ask for comments before we do so.

Sign up here for email news when we print, think or skydive and we'll let you know first.

(Not) our blog

George also writes a rambling blog about skydiving, design, t-shirts, living in Byron and life in general. The views expressed in this blog are, well, his own... He tries his best to be nice, but sometimes political correctness just gets in the way of a good story. Sorry.

George would love to hear from you about any blogging matters at blogger@cutawaywear.com


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