Cutaway Wear is a graphic design and marketing service company (with a keen interest in skydiving). We have our own printing facilities and can print on t-shirts with rapid turnaround times. Our design team produce graphics and advertising/marketing materials including logos, signage, booklets and brochures, web banners and site design. Contact us for more information on these services. 

We also produce a range of other themed t-shirts for various industries:

Our brand name for a series of t-shirts specifically for the coffee industry. We have designs for coffee lovers but specialise in themes for coffee industry workers who have a deep insider knowledge of growing, roasting and preparation. Our 'Barista Basics' series is highly sought after in the cafe industry.

Aussie Icon
An irreverent brand for anything to do with Aussie culture. We were born and raised in Australia, so there's a bit of larrikin bred into us that comes out in the design work. We like to take up cultural issues and poke a bit of fun. We also like to remind our countrymen and women about bits of their heritage they forgot about or didn't know existed. But sometimes mate, we just like to make you cringe!

Byron Babe
Our street shirts in the beachside town we call home. How do we describe it?  Laid back capital of Australia, Oz Mecca, most easterly point of the country with great natural beauty, surf beaches, restaurants and an incredible 22,000-year association with traditional custodians of the area. We sell our Byron Babe tees in shops and markets around the region.